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Hannah Pearson 4 year old golf

Hannah Pearson, Age 6, Golfer

About Hannah Pearson

Hannah was only 14 months old when her parents brought home a set of plastic toy golf clubs for her to play with. From the moment that Hannah held those clubs, she has been hitting golf balls – first around the house, and then entertaining the neighbors by hitting golf balls from the back door to the garden fence.

Hannah cannot remember a time she has not played golf, the same as she cannot remember when she first walked or talked. Golf is very much a part of her now and she loves playing golf, and being with her father, the ever present daddy-caddy. This lifelong bond between them will be just one more bonus of loving the game.

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Winning the World Over

Hannah recently won the FCG Junior Amateur Championship 2015 Under 6's Division in San Diego, CA. Shortly before this win, she won the US Kids Golf Phoenix Tour Under 7 Division, for the third time in a row.

Since meeting all of her heroes at the Founder's Day Tournament 2014 and holding the trophy with Karrie Webb, she is even more inspired to follow in the footsteps of her heroes and friends.

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2014 Best Pee Wee Golf Swing in the World - Hannah Wins Again!

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